The Wilmont was built in 1926.
Hillsborough Street at Wilmont Apartments - Greensboro-Selma Toll Route - November, 1926

History of Wilmont land-plate: http://www.livingplaces.com/NC/Wake_County/Raleigh_City/West_Raleigh_Historic_District.html.

hmwPreservation prepared the Local Landmark Reports for The Wilmont.

In 2010, the revised Raleigh Historic Landmark Designation Application was submitted http://rhdc.org/sites/default/files/WilmontApplicationReportRevisedScanned_web.pdf.

The Wilmont was declared a historic landmark on December 29, 2010: http://rhdc.org/sites/default/files/WilmontOrd.pdf.

The Wilmont listed on the Raleigh Historic page: http://raleighhistoric.org/items/show/117.