Rental requirements

Age requirements:

  • Adult residents must be at least twenty-four (24) years old.
  • Graduate students may be granted an age exception. Proof of acceptance into graduate school is required.


  • We are a smoke-free complex and we only rent to non-smokers.
  • Smoking by residents or their guests at The Wilmont will be grounds for immediate eviction.

Income Requirements:

  • Residents must have a monthly income of at least three (3) times the rent.
  • In cases of newly hired employees, we can accept a new hire letter from the new company that states the annual salary.
  • Graduate students may use a Parental Guarantee.


  • Maximum of one (1) adult in the Lindbergh.
  • Maximum of two (2) adults in the Fitzgerald and Hemingway.
  • With dependents, one (1) adult and one (1) dependent may reside in a one (1) bedroom or two (2) adults and two (2) dependents may reside in a two (2) bedroom apartment.

Rental application:

  • Rental application is required for each adult occupant.
  • Application fee is $50 per adult.

Required supporting documents:

  • Proof of Identification – Driver License, State Identification, Passport, or Military Identification
  • Proof of SSN – Social Security Card, Tax documents, or paystub with SSN present
  • Proof of Income – 2 sequential income statements (or tax documents supporting income)

Rental payments:

  • All reoccurring charges are collected by automatic draft from one checking account.
  • Payments will be automatically debited on the FIRST day of each month.

Renter’s insurance:

  • All residents are required to have renter’s insurance.
  • We must have a copy of the policy before the residents will be given the keys.
  • For eligible residents, The Wilmont provides a free renter’s insurance policy.
  • Renters have the option to get their own policy. Renter’s insurance policy requirements:
    • $20,000 personal property (minimum)
    • $100,000 liability (minimum)
    • Additionally insured
      • Wilmont Apartments, LLC (1204 Village Market Place #234 Morrisville, NC 27560)
      • Live Oak Rentals, LLC (1204 Village Market Place #234 Morrisville, NC 27560)

Rental History:

  • Any negative rental history is grounds for the denial of an application. Negative rental history includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Late rental payments
    • Property Damage (beyond normal wear and tear)
    • Returned Checks
    • Collection activity or court action for judgments (evictions/judgments)
    • Non-compliance of leasing term or policies
    • Complaints regarding noise or neighbor problems

Credit History:

  • A credit report will be acquired for all applicants.

Criminal History:

  • A criminal background report will be acquired for all applicants.


  • Pet interviews are required.
  • Pets must have appropriate vaccinations and documentation.
  • A $200 non-refundable initial pet fee and a $20 monthly fee is required per pet.
  • Other pets (including visiting pets) not registered with management are not allowed on the property.
  • The only exception to these guidelines would be pets designated as service animals to accompany a resident with a verifiable disability for the specific purpose of aiding that person.

Lease signing:

  • All supporting documents.
  • Security deposit, initial pet fee (if any), and first month’s rent (rent,
    additional parking (if any), and monthly pet fee) will be due.


These Rental Requirements may be updated from time-to-time without notice. (Revised as of January 2017)