Steps to Rent

If you are interested in making The Wilmont your home, these steps can help you:

Choose your Apartment

  1. Tour the apartment
    We do not have an office on site. You can submit a showing request and we can usually set up a tour with one or two days notice.
  2. Choose a floor plan
  3. Review
  4. Check availability

Application Process

The application is available online and is $50 per applicant. Supporting documents are submitted electronically during the online application so please gather these before starting the application.

  1. Supporting documents
    Gather the following supporting documents:
    • Proof of identity
    • Proof of SSN
    • Proof of income – 2 sequential pay-stubs
  2. Online application
  3. Rental verification
    Rental verification is required for all residences lived in the last three (3) years.  You will be notified by email when the rental verification forms are available on the online portal for you to sign.
  4. Application review
    Once we have received the application and documents from all residents, we will review your application.
  5. Pet interview
    Pet interview is required for all dogs.

Signing the Lease

  1. Review the lease
    The following documents will be available on the online portal:
    • Lease
    • ACH authorization – will be used to draft the initial monies due and future rent payments
  2. Sign the lease
    The lease and ACH authorization are signed electronically online.
  3. Monies due at lease signing
    At lease signing, initial monies are due. The transaction listing will itemize the total monies due:
    • Security deposit
    • Initial pet fees (if applicable)
    • First month’s prorated rent; if less than 10 days in initial month, then additional full month is also due
    • If applicable, monthly parking space or pet fees

Preparing for Move-In

About two weeks prior to move-in, we will start working together to finalize your home at The Wilmont.

  1. Renter’s insurance
    A renter insurance policy is required before move-in.
    • For residents who utilize our free renter insurance, a representative of State Farm will contact you.
    • If you choose to setup your own policy, please provide us with a copy of the policy. Policy requirements can be found in Rental Requirements.
  2. Start electric service
    Residents may not move-in until electric service is started with Duke Progress Energy: online form or 919-508-5400. Please have electric service begin the business day prior to move-in since Duke Progress Energy does not guarantee time of service.
  3. Schedule Move-in
    Residents will need to arrange a time when they can receive apartment and mailbox keys. We will also do a walk-through which normally requires about 30 minutes.
  4. Welcome to your new Home!