Pet Friendly Guidelines

The Wilmont is a pet-friendly community, and we welcome your four-legged family member.

Residents may have up to 2 pets. Pets must be registered with management and unregistered pets are not allowed on the premises.


Acceptable Pets

  • Dogs
  • Cats – domestic and indoor only

Pet interview

  • Pet interview is required with all dogs prior to signing the lease.


  • $250 initial non-refundable fee per pet
  • $25 monthly fee per pet

Pet waste

  • $250 fine for any improperly disposed of pet waste
  • Pet waste is managed with PooPrints

Vaccination and Flea medication

  • Pets must be current with their vaccinations.
  • Pets must be on flea control.

Pet Removal

  • The Resident shall remove any pet previously permitted within twenty-four (24) hours of written notification from the Landlord that the pet, in the Landlord’s sole judgment, creates a nuisance or disturbance or is, in the Landlord’s opinion, undesirable.

Damage from pets

  • Resident agrees to reimburse Landlord for any primary or secondary damages caused by any pet kept by Resident on the Premises, whether the damage is to the Premises or to any common areas used in conjunction with them.


  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their pet(s) and for damages or injuries to persons or property caused by their pet(s).
  • Resident agrees to indemnify and hold Landlord and Landlord’s agents harmless from any liability to third parties which may result from Resident’s keeping of such pet.

Visiting pets

  • $50 initial fee per pet for visiting pet registration (includes registering pet with PooPrints)
  • $10 fee per pet per day (or partial day).
  • Visiting pets must be coordinated 48 hours before visit so we can set up pet registration.
  • $100 fine for any unregistered pets on premises.