Frequently asked questions

Smoke free

  • Entire property is smoke-free


  • Leases are typically a minimum of 1 year
  • Leases renewals are year-to-year
  • Adult residents must be twenty-four (24) years or older
  • Leases and rents are per apartment


  • Availability is typically not known greater than 2 months in advance


  • One bedroom
  • Two bedrooms
  • No three bedroom floorplans are available


  • Rent is drafted the 1st of every month from one checking accounting
  • Checks or debit/credit cards are not accepted for paying rent


  • Utilities included:
    • Water & sewer
    • Trash & recycling
  • Residents are responsible for:
    • Electricity
    • Internet & cable


  • Balconies – two-bedroom apartments only
  • Central heat and air (individually controlled)

Pet friendly community


  • Initial walk through and key hand-off takes about 30 minutes
  • Electricity must be turned on the business day prior to move-in
  • At move-in, residents will fill-in inspection sheet
  • Ar move-out, please return your home the same cleanliness as it was given to you

Hanging items on the wall

  • Please make this your home
  • You may use nails or screws to hang pictures, shelves, or decorations on the walls
  • Please do not use 3M Command Strips as they adhere to the plaster walls and when removed also remove some of the plaster
  • Please do not hang anything from the ceiling
  • Curtains are encouraged
  • Please do not put anything on the interior or exterior wood doors.

Painting the walls with a different color

  • Color must be approved prior to painting – no dark colors
  • No texturing
  • $100 per room to paint
  • Please do not paint the kitchen or bathroom
  • Trim or ceilings may not be painted
  • You do not have to return the walls to the original color


  • One assigned parking spot is included per apartment
  • Second assigned parking spot is $50 a month (if available)
  • Parking spots:
    • 34 resident
    • 5 visitor
    • 1 handicap


  • Apartments do not have laundry hookups
  • Laundry facility on site:
    • Two washing machines
    • Two clothes dryers
    • $1.50 each
    • Hours of operation:
      • 9 am to 9 pm

Trash & Recycling

  • Trash pick-up is every Wednesday
  • Recycling pick-up is every Friday
  • Compost pick-up is every Friday


  • Any resident who would like to compost, gets a 5 gallon sealed composting bucket, composting liners, and a magnetic detailing what materials can be composted
  • When you empty your composting bin, you just place your composting bag in the composting bin outside in the dumpster area
  • When you run out of composting bags, send me an email and I will get some more to you

Mail and packaging

  • USPS package boxes are used to hold packages for residents – key for package box will be placed in your mailbox
  • Fedex and UPS packages are delivered to the front or rear door

Bike racks

  • Bike racks are available to secure bikes
  • Bike racks are inverted-U bike racks to secure front and rear tires
  • For fair season bike riders, bikes may be stored during the winter months

Internet providers

  • Spectrum – formerly Time Warner Cable


  • 8 garden plots available
  • Season runs through February
  • $20 a plot for the season