Pet friendly community


Dear Doggie or Kitty residents,

I am so glad that you want to live at The Wilmont. I am sure you will love it here. Everyone is so friendly, and there are only 24 apartment homes so you will become accustomed to the surroundings very quickly.

And guess what? You even get to meet The Wilmont people during your own interview because all pets must be registered with management. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones as there can only be 2 pets in each apartment home.

The Wilmont management is great; they even have designated a special area of the lawn just for our owners to walk us. By the way, please remind your family to clean up after you and use the designated disposal containers.

Even though we know you are completely 100% tame, please stay on a leash outside of your apartment home. The neighbors might not want to be jumped on, drooled over or sniffed even though that seems perfectly ok to you. Besides, there is a leash law in the city of Raleigh so we all must be walked on a leash.

Here are some of the great local restaurants, your family can eat while you are with them:

Here are some of the other places we haunt with the other dogs in the building:

There are even places some local Off-Leash Dog Parks to enjoy.

For more information, send your family to Pet Friendly Guidelines.

Hope to see you in the yard. Your future friend,

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