Thank you for calling The Wilmont your home.

As you start the move-out process, here are some items to consider:

  1. Change of address

    You can fill out a Change of Address with the USPS. It takes a few days for the USPS to process your request, so please put in your request several days before you hand-off the keys.

  2. Move-out

    Please move-out through the front of the building. If you need the code to unlock the second front door, give me a call or email and we can provide that.

    Resident(s) are responsible for any removal costs of abandoned items left in the apartment or on the property. Please do not leave any furniture, mattresses or other equipment in the dumpster or dumpster enclosure. These items will not be picked up by trash services.

  3. Cleaning

    The residence should be left as clean and empty as when you moved in; so please follow the Move-out Cleaning suggestions. Cleaning issues are not considered normal wear and tear and resident(s) are responsible for any additional cleaning costs.

  4. Walk through & key hand-off

    We need to schedule a time to walk through the apartment and hand-off the keys. Keys that are not returned and have to be replaced are $25.

  5. Disconnect electric service

    After you have turned over the keys, you may disconnect electric service with Duke Progress Energy (online form or 919-508-5400).

  6. Security Deposit Refund

    Security deposits are refunded within thirty days of the lease ending. However, I work to process security deposits within two weeks. Security deposits are refunded by bank check, so please email me your forwarding address.