Preparing for Move-in

Welcome to your new home at the The Wilmont. Your apartment will be painted and cleaned prior to your arrival.

About two weeks prior to moving into your new apartment, there are a few items to attend to:

  • Renter’s insurance

    A renter’s insurance policy is required before move-in. If you utilize our free renter’s insurance, a State Farm representative will contact you. The policy is yours (we just pick up the bill), but State Farm needs your authorization to write the policy.

    If you choose to use your own policy, please provide us with a copy of the policy. Include your insurance agent with the renter’s insurance policy minimums which can be found on the Rental Requirements page.

  • Electric service

    About a week prior to move-in, contact Duke Progress Energy (online form or 919-508-5400) to start electric service. Please schedule electric service to begin the business day prior to move-in since Duke Progress Energy does not guarantee time of service.

  • Change of address

    You can fill out a Change of Address with the USPS.

  • Move-in walk through & key handoff

    We will need to arrange a time when you will pick up the apartment and mailbox keys. We will also need to do a walk-through which normally requires about 30 minutes.

There are several options to consider:

  • Composting

    We have started working with CompostNow to provide a composting service to our residents. If you are interested, you will get a 5 gallon compost bucket complete with lid and compostable bags. This service is currently on a trial basis and is free to our residents.

  • Garden

    We have eight gardens available to the residents for a nominal fee of $20 a year. The season runs March through February and there is limited availability. If you are interested, please ask about current availability or be added to the waiting list for next season.

  • Bedroom ceiling fans

    Ceiling fans are included in all the living rooms and the Hemingway has a second ceiling fan in the dining room.

    Ceiling fans are available to be installed in the bedrooms. They are $8 a month for a one-bedroom or $12 a month for a two-bedroom for twelve monthly payments. There is a two month discount if the fans are installed prior to move-in.

    The ceiling fans stay in the apartment after you leave, so if a previous resident had ceiling fans installed you will already have them in the bedroom(s).

  • Second parking space

    If you need a second parking spot, they are $50 per month.